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How To Download And Convert YouTube Videos

images (2)Just about everyone has a mobile media device today. No matter whether it is a tablet computer, smartphone, MP3 player or netbook, there are a number of ways to enjoy your favorite music and movies. If the device that you enjoy using happens to support video files, you have likely used them to browse through YouTube. You may have also experienced the frustration of finding a video you love, bookmarking it and then returning a few days later only to find that the video has been removed. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence on YouTube.

The best way to avoid losing the content you love is to download the video itself. How can you do that when YouTube does not allow the download of their videos? By using a video downloader and converter. There are websites and there are programs that provide this functionality to users for free. Whichever type you choose is really up to you as they both have their advantages and disadvantages.

The key, however, is to find a provider that offers high quality downloads and conversions. In particular, you want to ensure that the conversion process does not severely damage the quality of the file. For instance, if you decide to convert to an MP3 file, you will find that the song does not sound as good as it does on the YouTube website. This is because the quality of the file has been compromised. There are a number of converters that are able to convert the file without jeopardizing the integrity of the content.

It is important to remember that this service is offered for free by so many different providers that it makes little sense to ever purchase a program or pay for a conversion through a website. You can always find providers that offer quality conversions for free.

Making An Impact On YouTube

788852_cdEvery person on the planet has likely seen the name YouTube before. Each day there are hundreds of thousands of people that visit the site so that they can get a free form of entertainment. If a person wants to watch someone do something completely insane or wants to learn how to style their harm, they will be able to do so on this online destination. There are millions of videos to choose from and virtually every channel has something special to offer.

However, there are times when a person will want to do more than watch someone’s videos. Many people will want to start their very own channel so that they can teach the world something that they are particularly good at. This can include many things as every person’s hobby is also another person’s hobby. The process of starting a channel is simple and all a person needs to do is register on the website. From here, they will be presented with the option to customize their channel and upload videos. It is that easy to get started, but it is very difficult to actually get noticed.

The First Step

The first goal of every channel owner should be to make connections. This can be done by connecting with bloggers that are interested in the content produced or commenting on other people’s videos. Many people will like to network with people that create videos that their audience may like. This provides them with yet another promotional avenue that will bring them visitors and revenue if their channel is large enough. If a person is lucky enough, the people they network with might even want to incorporate them into one of their videos or tell their audience about the person’s channel. It is a very good way for everyone to get a little bit of cross promotion.

Video Frequency

Videos must be uploaded frequently. People love to view new content on a regular basis and can only do so if this content is actually available. Uploading a new video every few days or once a week is a great start. This will allow any current followers to stay attracted to the channel while also bringing in new subscribers that may be interested in the content. Watching the spike in traffic and how often videos are viewed will give a person a good feel of what their audience may like.

Accommodating Viewers

Viewers always need to be catered to. This means a person will be responsible for responding to them quickly as well as making videos that the audience enjoys. This can be done by evaluating what videos are the most popular and gearing content towards these subjects. From here, a person will want to do anything in their power to make viewers feel special. This may mean offering free advice, providing a link to a blog post created by the video maker or even providing the video in another format so that the viewer can download it and listen to it on their own time.

The Internet: Entertainment Bliss

776808_music_phoneMusic and entertainment are one of the most sought after pieces of content on the Internet. When a person wants to relax after a hard day’s work, they will often turn to the Internet to listen to their favorite music or even watch a video. This is a great way to get instant gratification as a person can merely go to a site, type in what they are looking for, and be provided with massive results for virtually every topic.

Interactive Fun

Videos and music are not the only thing that can keep a person occupied for hours. There are also many times when a person can enjoy free games online. Many of these games are supported by flash and will offer something for everyone. The older generation will be able to choose from more mature games that will peak their interest and provide them with fun for all hours of the day or night. Since these games are completely free, it will not harm a person’s budget either. There are even many games available that are geared towards children. This allows parents to find a little solace while their child plays games that are not filled with gore or adult oriented content.


Whether a person wants to watch a silly video on YouTube or full episodes of television shows, they will be able to on the Internet. There are many options available for people that offer content for their viewing pleasure. If a person really likes a certain video or speech, they can convert a video to mp3 format so that they can listen to it while away from the computer. Many people choose to do this with music videos as the only thing that they are concerned with is the actual sound anyway. Videos can only be converted to this format when their video portion is removed. This, however, is only available with YouTube and other video sites. Television shows will have to be watched on their respective network’s sites.


Learning is always an option when a person goes online. What better experience is there than one that involves people learning from one another? Virtually any topic a person can think of will be available online to learn about. Learning a different language, researching history or virtually anything else can be found on numerous sites. These items can typically be downloaded as well which allows them to be transported virtually anywhere a person wants to go. If a person desires, they can even convert these files so that they can be played on an MP3 player or tablet.


Many music websites and services are available for people to use for completely free. Whether a person wants to listen to the most popular music or indy bands, there will be a service that they can listen to. Spotify is such a service that allows people in certain countries to enjoy music from all over the world for completely free. It is a great way to listen to the latest music without having to pay for the songs.

Understanding Software Convertor Technology

776807_music_phoneThere exists so many different programs and file types that computer users are, more often than not, unfamiliar with. When a person downloads an audio file, they never truly pay attention to what type of extension it is. If the person does, they are likely more advanced in the technology world and know that certain file types are better than others. However, everyone that uses a computer should know a little bit about file types and what makes each one so unique.


Files need to be able to be understood by the programs that open them. If they are not, the program will display an error and a person will never truly know what the file contains. This is because each file type will have its own type of makeup which makes it be able to be read by different programs. Contrary to popular belief, each software program will have to create functionality to open up any type of file that they work with. This information is often provided by the file type standards and makes it rather simple for people to do on their own. The following are common file types a person will come across:

Executable Extensions: When a file is executable, it must be opened with severe caution. The. .exe or .bin file types are the most common and will be able to have direct access to a person’s computer. It is never recommended that these be opened unless a person knows for a fact that they do not contain any malicious coding.

Image Extensions: Images are often opened in an Internet browser, but many people also have software packages that open these files. The most common are: BMP, JPG, PNG, JPEG and GIF. There are many file types available, but these will comprise of 90 percent of the images in the world.

Music Extensions: Sound files will be found in the MP3 and WAV formats. This is not to say that there are not numerous others, but these two are definitely the majority leaders.

Video Extensions: Videos are unique in the fact that they will have an immense amount of formats. MPEG, AVI, WMV and MP4 are among the most well known. From here, everyone can have its own type of compression type and codec which makes them rather difficult to open.

Converting File Types

Oftentimes, programs will only support a certain amount of file types. The same goes for various technologies that people use every day. If a person wanted to play a video file in their MP3 player, they would not be able to. This means that the file they desire would have to be converted into a format that is supported. File types each have their own benefit and the MP3 format has the benefit of the best compression to audio quality in the industry. Software programs will attempt to keep everything intact so that the converted file is as close to the original as possible. The benefit gained is often a smaller file that can be played with greater ease.

Freeware Video Converting

752585_zen_1Freeware software packages are great for people that want to use them sparsely and still get decent functionality out of their efforts. The reason people turn to freeware is that they simply do not want to pay the price for expensive software options and much rather test the waters in finding a free one that does the job well. While these files are free, they need to be proceeded with the utmost caution. The following tips will lead a person in the right direction:

Downloading The Files

Before any software can be pursued, a person will need to have the file available to them. If this file comes from YouTube, there are many youtube converter websites and software that will eliminate this step and do the work for the user. However, this is not always the case especially for lesser known sites. Most of these sites will display the video using the FLV format. This can be very hard to download if the site does not provide access to it directly. If this is the case, a person’s best option may be to look in their Internet cache after the file has fully loaded. Some browsers and operating systems will hold this file in the cache and it can be copied. If this is not the case, a person will need to look up how to download files from the desired site.

Finding Software

There are numerous software packages available specifically for this purpose. These can be found on many of the big software sites such as Cnet, but a person must be very cautious when searching Google. Oftentimes, a person will come across software that looks legitimate, but they end up downloading a virus that totally wipes out their computer. This is never the ideal case and why people need to practice caution before downloading anything from the Internet. A virus scan should always be done on any files that have been downloaded.


While there are some programs that will seemingly do everything under the sun, some are made for very specific purpose. Perhaps they will work only with YouTube videos which is ideal for some people. However, if a person wants to convert their video into the AVI format, will they be able to do so without encountering any problems in the process? Most descriptions will list exactly what conversion avenues are available and these should be read more than once to ensure the right functionality is available.


Some of the best programs will trick users into thinking that they are getting the full version of a software. While these programs may work for 30 second long videos, they will not do much more. This depends on the actual program, but many have limitations in place which are used to entice the user to buy the full version. Read through all of the terms and understand whether a program is a trial, freeware or has any limitations attached before actually downloading it and wasting time trying to convert as file outside of the program’s specifications.

MP3 Converter: Limitless Options

359499_cd_walkman_4Downloading a podcast or video is a great way to keep up on the latest news or listen to a video’s content. However, many websites do not offer all of their content in MP3 format because it is not the most convenient format for their system. Perhaps the software on their computer automatically generates files in another format and will even allow an easy way to upload it to their website. This is very beneficial for them and makes the most sense. However, these files will never work on an MP3 player which is unfortunate.

While this may be an inconvenience to the listener, they often have the option to download these files. Once these files are in the listener’s possession, they will be able to convert the files to their liking. The Internet is filled with many websites that offer the mp3 converter to their users. These websites will let a person upload their file and convert it for them. However, these sites only offer certain file formats that they accept and if the format is not popular, it might not be accepted. This means the very best avenue would be to download a software package to do the converting directly on a person’s desktop. While this is very resource intensive, it is often the only option that people have.

Now, once a person has their file, they will need to figure out what they would like to do with it and how. For instance, if a person downloads a podcast without any actual video, the conversion process will be much easier for them. This is because the MP3 format was designed to accommodate only audio files. Unfortunately, a person will not be able to convert a video into this file unless they only want the audio present. There are other compression formats specifically for videos that have to deal with codec files that are used in their compression. Most software packages will easily be able to convert wmv, wav and various other audio files into a small MP3.

The video instance was mentioned earlier and needs to be discussed in much greater detail. Videos in the sense of seeing an image will not be able to be converted. However, if a person does have a video that they want to convert and they only really care about the audio, this can be converted. Many free websites exist that will do just this for their visitors. Much like the instance used before, a person will link their video’s file up to the website and let the website download the file and process it for them. This will result in the website displaying where the user can now download the file. This fully eliminates the processing power on the user’s end and will allow them to use this video’s audio right in their MP3 player or other audio device. This is a great way to download and listen to TED talk videos when away from the computer or on the way to work.